/ dʒɒb-wʌn /


 As used in Automotive Industry; The first production vehicle to be manufactured on the production line

JOB ONE was founded in 2014 by Job Zwollo, with the vision to supply and share Job's expertise, experience and network with a wide variety of Automotive and Non-Automotive Product Development & Manufacturing companies.

Job Zwollo's profile:

Job is an Automotive Product Development and (Program / Project) Management professional with over 15 years of experience at and with premium automotive manufacturers, engineering firms and suppliers. Job has both a (BSc hons) degree in Automotive Engineering and 
in International Business Science and has worked in automotive, defense and consumer industries in functions as Design Engineer, Lead Engineer, Project manager, System Owner, Chief Engineer, Program Manager, Vehicle Architect and Chief of Product Development & Engineering (Technical Director/CTO).

Job has worked in various company departments, incl. Engineering, Project & Program Management, Procurement, Warehousing, Processes, Production, Quality Assurance/Control and more, enabling him to understand the various departments' interests, processes, systems, challenges and interfaces.

  • An ambitious, self-starting and business minded (project) manager with strong technical, business and managemental background within complex, international and multidisciplinary projects;
  • Capable of setting up, coordinating, controlling and successfully deliver projects within target, driven by a high sense of responsibility and intrinsic drive to deliver;
  • An initiative person dealing proactively with duties, organization and suppliers/clients, capable to coordinate projects, motivate and conduct people;
  • Knowledgeable in design methods & fabrication of materials and products;
  • Knowledgeable in every aspect of the product development and manufacturing processes;
  • Quick to learn new knowledge and open to communicate/transfer it to team members;
  • Enthusiastic & flexible in problem-solving; target-driven with a helicopter view to create value;
  • Hands-on & experienced in the application of new ideas to develop new solutions/products;
  • Highly motivated, enthusiast, flexible and a good communicator with strong analytical ability with pragmatic attitude;
  • HANDS-ON and a DOER
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